Free BICSI Event in Czech Republic, 4 December 2013

In this free half day seminar, run by BICSI Czech Republic, we’ll be covering how to quickly map and maintain understanding of data centre and technical infrastructure.

David Cuthbertson of Square Mile Systems (also on the BICSI UK committee) will cover techniques and practices that improve the accuracy and reduce the burden to maintain infrastructure documentation. The talk will cover the initial data capture process and then the ongoing maintenance of cabling, rack, network, ITIL and other documentation presentation formats. Ideal for those with existing infrastructure or new projects, who want to reduce site surveys, project times, change costs and minimize service disruption.

The Venue

Regus Business Center, Ostrava, Czech Republic

IQ Ostrava Ground floor, 28. rijna 3346/91, Ostrava-mesto, Moravska, Ostrava

Registration details

Please see the BICSI website for details of how to register.


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