AssetGen Product Training

Learn how to use our AssetGen software system

Our training for the AssetGen system passes on configuration skills and Visio techniques to system administrators and key users.  For many customers who want the implementation of AssetGen as soon as possible, we can add in consulting support to the skills transfer to reduce project delivery timescales.  Our product training applies to both the AssetGen Connect (physical infrastructure) and AssetGen SysMap (logical infrastructure mapping). We can provide Visio automation training as part of a training package where additional in depth Visio skills are desired.

AssetGen Desktop Version AssetGen Server Version
Duration 4 hours online training
(Include with Licence)
1-2 people
Connect 5 days
SysMap 3 days
1-3 People
Training Delivery Online 2 x 2 hours
onsite by negotation
Onsite or online
Connect 3 + 2 days / SyMap 2 + 1 days
Optional Extra online training
Visio Automation Training
Configuration Support
Visio Automation training

1. AssetGen desktop single user training

The single user AssetGen system includes 4 hours of online technical training per product to help a customer get started. There is normally only a single user needing training, with a specific focus for the AssetGen system, so the training is made flexible for best use of time. If the initial 4 hours are insufficient to achieve the training objectives, additional 4 hour blocks of time can be purchased as required. We will be glad to discuss training requirements and recommend the resource time needed prior to product purchase.

2. AssetGen multi-user server training

Training for the server version is more comprehensive as the AssetGen system will be used by many people for many years, so there is more focus on system configuration and tailoring the system for internal needs. Typically for AssetGen Connect this is a 5 day course and for AssetGen SysMap 3 days. There is the option of online or on-site delivery along with implementation support services .