AssetGen integrations

Integrate AssetGen with Network Monitoring products

We have successfully integrated both AssetGen products with a variety of the other tools.

These include:


The AssetGen products are designed to be easy to integrate: 

  • Based on a SQL Server database 
  • They have comprehensive import/export facilities and an API with read and write access
  • Objects are URL addressable
  • You can insert URLs to other products
  • Attributes are fully customisable

We have successfully integrated with several different network monitoring tools.

These tools have dashboards and regularly poll servers and other equipment for their latest status.

Why integrate

  • Complete tasks faster – such as troubleshooting
  • Understanding the causes of service disruption – for planning and capacity management as well as decision making
  • Understand manage risks and dependencies – information is up-to-date and validate discovered nodes (and missing ones!)
  • Reducing data errors – by avoiding re-keying and duplication of information

solarwinds orion

This is a widely used tool which is easy to install and to get started with. The Server & Application Monitor product (SAM) includes a network discovery tool.

Features include:

  • Fully customisable dashboards
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Configurable status refreshes
  • Application health monitoring

For details of the integration: