Making Trusted Infrastructure Data A Reality, Not A Dream


IT documentation needs to be trusted so time, money and frustration is saved, compared to constant reverse engineering, making incorrect assumptions and repeated “one-off” audits. Our AssetGen technology and methods deliver an end to end understanding of your infrastructure – what you have, where it is, what it does and how it works. The end result of trusted documentation is faster and better coordinated change of complex IT infrastructure.

Our AssetGen software combines IT inventory with Visio automation so the impacts of network, hardware or software changes are understood and can be planned for. Designed to cover all aspects of physical, virtual and application infrastructure, AssetGen provides the many perspectives needed for projects and operations teams. Our support services cover training, implementation, data capture and Visio automation.

What we offer

All of our customers find there is a recognised need to manage change effectively, with asset and configuration management underpinning processes that span multiple teams.