Infrastructure Documentation

Reducing the effort in maintaining infrastructure documentation

Reduce the effort in delivering consistent infrastructure documentation! Square Mile Systems(SMS) provides a range of AssetGen implementation services for customers, helping to deliver the tasks, skills and data needed for an operational deployment.  With most customers having limited engineering resources it makes sense to take advantage of our detailed AssetGen knowledge and experience of multi-site documentation projects. We can avoid impacts on customer project delivery, reduce implementation timescales and make effective use of key individuals availability.

AssetGen Implementation Process Steps

Some examples of recent projects

  1. Multi-site data centre capture of racks, inventory and connectivity. Manual capture with multiple teams supplied and managed by SMS. With Visio floor plans, rack and ODF layouts, network diagrams all being automatically refreshed.
  2. Systems and application mapping for ITIL change and risk assessment. Using a combination of meetings, design documents and system interrogation to achieve a consistent view of services and dependencies across 1000s of servers.
  3. Design and configuration of AssetGen and Visio templates to support an industrial complex with multi-building infrastructure design and service overlays lasting many years.
  4. A consultancy undertaking a cyber security audit needed help in bringing in customer supplied data of varying quality for mapping systems and configurations to the NIST CSF framework.

To understand more about Square Mile infrastructure documentation services, we recommend having an initial call / meeting to discuss requirements, timescales and objectives.