Visio automation

Bringing reduced effort, time and consistency to documentation update

Make your Visio diagrams deliver more understanding and easier for users to consume with our Visio automation services. Visualisation is a powerful way of making technical complexity and differences easier to comprehend – so access our engineering resources to make Visio a more effective toolset. These services are available for both AssetGen and non-AssetGen deployments and go beyond what we cover in our standard Visio training courses.

Service offerings

  • Assess current Visio methods and techniques to identify automation benefits and possible approaches.
  • Consolidate and normalise lots of existing diagrams into standardised formats with automation features. For example – data center floor plans, network diagrams, rack and ODF layouts.
  • Delivery of Visio templates and Stencils which are prepared for efficient user diagramming and automation.
  • Developing custom solutions to make diagrams more accessible and user friendly. For example – providing checkboxes and radio buttons to toggle views, redacting sensitive data, showing failover/resilience in networks.
  • To understand more about Square Mile Visio automation services we recommend having an initial call / meeting to discuss needs and see different options. Our short video shows different examples of Visio automation which could be included as part of a service engagement.

Please contact us for more details.