Visio Automation Training

Learn how to save over 90% of the wasted time creating and updating Visio diagrams.

Understand how to unlock hidden features such as data-driven diagrams, dashboards and automation.

As a result of our work with clients, we realised that few IT specialists have had any formal training on the use of Visio, and regularly take hours to update diagrams that only require minutes if done using the techniques we teach.

Delegates are assumed to be familiar with Microsoft Office applications – we do cover the basics of Visio swiftly as well as more advanced features which are not found in other public courses. 

Easily produce accurate floor plans with cabinets of different sizes, including shape data for each cabinet. Click to enlarge.

Techniques Covered

Techniques covered include:

  • Creating diagrams linked to spreadsheet data with hundreds of shapes in minutes – and updating them even faster
  • Using diagrams as a dashboard – the same diagram can be used multiple times to show data in a high impact way, for example, using a floor plan to show: cabinets coloured by function/where power usage has exceeded design limits/percentage of space utilitised
  • Linking shapes on diagrams to other diagrams or documents or web pages
  • Avoiding accidentally selecting and moving background shapes
  • Publishing diagrams in different formats for easy sharing (doesn’t require users to have a Visio license), including HTML or PDF documents, together with all the embedded links.
  • Hands-on exercises during the course ensure that delegates really understand and learn the techniques. Where time permits, we can review delegate’s own sample diagrams during the course and suggest ways to improve them.

Course Benefits

This course is also valuable for teams – how to create your own organisational standards to ensure consistency and best practice are applied to documentation and diagrams. This ensures consistency in approach and method.

The latter part of the course shows how to automate the diagramming of data centres, racks, cabling, networks, servers and software diagrams. The effort needed to maintain accuracy across large numbers of diagrams can be significantly reduced by awareness and usage of standard Visio features.

The course uses various working examples covering physical infrastructure, networks and ITIL service maps so that delegates get experience of applying different techniques.

Applying the Visio Utilities

Delegates will also be shown how to use and install our free Visio Utilities Addin and will be given copies of example diagrams.

Make Visio into a dashboard – showing the same data in multiple different ways (Click to enlarge)

Duration and price

The course is 2 days and available in both the US and UK as public courses. Delegate fees are $1235 (US) or £950 (UK) per person excluding taxes.

We are also happy to deliver suitcase courses which can be tailored to your requirements (whether as a standard course or as a workshop using parts of the course materials). Suitcase courses can be delivered at any location as required.