assetgen visio utilities

Making data center and infrastructure documentation that little bit easier

Use Visio for IT Infrastructure? You will want our free Visio Utilities!

Our utilities are free to use and make a great addition to your Visio ribbon. Over the years we developed this utility to improve and speed up our own Visio diagrams for projects, now we want to share those same time-saving methods with you.

  • Reduce workload and save 90% of wasted time creating, laying out and maintaining Visio diagrams.
  • Automate many aspects of diagramming for project and operational needs.

AssetGen have produced a new version of the Visio Utilities aimed at making data center and infrastructure documentation that little bit easier. This has grown out of the skills which are available in our public Visio for IT Professionals training course, and our consultancy work.

Features by module:

How to download:

To download the add-in you must register using the “contact us” section on the site. Our team will then e-mail you with a download link. Please note: the utility requires any of the following versions, Visio 2007 onwards (Professional or Premium versions required for shape data and data graphics support). The Microsoft 365 Plan 2 Version of Visio is also supported.

You will then receive a download link in an e-mail.

If you want a custom version of the add-in, or templates and stencils then please contact us.