White Papers / Case Studies

Visio Diagramming On A Large Scale (1.2mb)

Learn how to create large amounts of Visio diagrams to support projects and business operations.

Presentation from the BCS EA Conference, where we cover the forthcoming TIA standard on ICT Life Cycle Management.

Learn how to document Connectivity to cover multiple sites.

Understand your data centre through Visio automation

Learn how to visualise complex data generated from CMDB’s
Identify the potential impact caused by a change to one or more components in data centres.
Why buy more racks or network switches if you can optimise the existing capacity? Find out how..
This white paper suggests practical approaches to help ensure that the ICT infrastructure knowledge base takes advantage of automation where possible.
This white paper covers how CMDB data can be more easily captured/used more effectively for service management using AssetGen SysMap.
Understanding the dependencies between IT components to manage change effectively.
See how a short infrastructure data audit can significantly shorten IT project timescales.
An AssetGen guide showing how to understand the data centre capacity on a floor plan.
Looks at how the value of asset management is increased if assets and their interdependencies can be visualised.
Shows best practice methods and tips to manage connectivity on a large scale.
Understand your data centre through Visio automation
Understand techniques and practices that make documenting IT infrastructure easier

Whitepaper covering methods and technique to improve the quality of infrastructure documentation.

Learn how to manage software assets and also licenses to remain compliant with vendor licensing terms and conditions.