Data Center Audits

Processes, techniques and practices

Our data center audit services provide trusted data to underpin change and provisioning processes for operational management and/or technology transitions. As data centers evolve and people move a highly complex and difficult to comprehend technical environment evolves. While the AssetGen infrastructure database is designed to document data centers efficiently, it still needs good data to be gathered and input into the system. Whether the need for accurate information is for a transition project, or ongoing operational management there is still a lot of work to be done.

Understanding the physical environment often needs a baselining of space, inventory and connectivity, which is only possible by manual audit and verification. Square Mile Systems DC audit services removes the time consuming and difficult work of manual audits from impacting existing teams or suppliers. We only need to focus on capturing the 4 spreadsheets that AssetGen Connect requires to load any size of environment, with AssetGen creating many of the worksheets and Visio diagrams used for data capture and end deliverables.  Our experience of delivering projects with many data centers, 1000s of racks and evolved technologies is quite unique.

Typical Deliverables

  • Project plan with schedule, prototype capture and draft deliverables
  • Visio floor plans consistent layering and automated updating capability
  • Visio rack layouts showing equipment positions, using manufacturers or simple symbols
  • Visio modular system builds and capacity – ODF, cabling, blades, switches, etc.Visio network and power (DC/AC) connectivity diagrams with auto-updating
  • Visio system and environment diagrams
  • Inventory, connectivity and capacity for active devices, cabling and power
  • Ongoing support documents – naming conventions, Visio stencils, auto updating methods

To understand more about Square Mile Visio data center audit services we recommend having an initial call / meeting to discuss requirements and talk through priorities.

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