Mapping Systems and services

Understand the dependencies between systems and services 

There are many reasons for mapping services, systems and applications to underlying components. A key one is that no one individual can comprehend or remember the inter-dependencies of more than a few systems. If the impact of a change cannot be predicted with confidence, then maybe its time to map at least the critical systems. Even better, do it in a way that allows updates and maintenance!

Our course covers basic techniques to enable teams to map relationships between hardware, software, services and systems. The techniques can be applied to ITIL service catalogues, transformation programmes, architecture reviews, single points of failure, performance management, business continuity risks etc.

By attending our course, delegates will:

  • Understand basic techniques and classification methods
  • Be able to capture data in an efficient manner
  • Identify suitable repositories – CMDB, service desk, database etc.
  • Comprehend the value of visualisation within the deliverables
  • Be better placed to advise on resources required for mapping

Mapping complex IT infrastructures is a large subject area, so we are flexible within the course structure to meet specific needs of the delegates. Courses held on site can be used to focus on particular needs including the mapping of specific systems or services.