AssetGen CABLING ARchitect

Plan & Understand Complex Cabling Architectures.

AssetGen Cabling Architect is designed to support efficient planning and understanding of complex cabling architectures. It is designed to help planners, consultants, integrators and infrastructure teams quickly develop cabling solutions with existing toolsets such as MS Visio and MS Excel. It helps reduce the engineering time involved in defining requirements, preparing proposals, costing up options and capturing existing infrastructure layout. It can be used for multiple cabling technology types as well as flexible containment methods such as blown fibre and ducting. AssetGen is developed and supplied by Square Mile Systems in the UK.

AssetGen Cabling Architect is provided as a Visio stencil with supporting technical resource hours and licenced on a per user basis.

Key benefits

  • Quickly create and update schematics of logical and physical cabling architectures using MS Visio/Excel
  • Multi-technology – copper, fibre, blown fibre, ducts, control systems, inside and outside plant
  • High and low level design for campus, buildings, floors, rooms, cabinets, ODFs, panels, modules, etc.
  • Easy to customise for cabling tenders, proposals, budgeting, extensions, products, etc.
  • Bills of materials can be generated, customised and updated for nodes and connections
  • Excel/Visio integration skills transferred also help with networks, data centres, floor planning etc.
  • Works with other AssetGen products covering layout, detailed design/build and operational management

buying assetgen Cabling architect

The AssetGen Cabling Architect is licenced as a yearly subscription on a per user basis, covering the supply of the software and online technical resource. There are various licencing options to suit single and multiple users, as well as enterprise-wide environments. Please contact us to discuss the most appropriate option. Square Mile also provides a comprehensive range of services to enable customers and partners to make the most of AssetGen Cabling Architect. These services cover Visio training, creation of customer shapes/stencils, design processes as well as capturing data of existing infrastructure to understand the current architecture and capacity.