Free Webinar – Baseline Auditing Of Data Centres & Equipment Rooms – Nov 24 2022

Learn how we approach baseline auditing for IT environments with multiple data centres and equipment rooms. The objectives are to deliver a consistent, comprehensive understanding at a detailed level – removing the need for site surveys, tracing cables, understanding capacity, improving change processes and covering gaps in other toolsets. Our experience of delivering projects with many data centers, 1000s of racks and evolved technologies is quite unique, so you will not want to miss this presentation if you want to have confidence in the infrastructure documentation.


You can register on the link below, the stream will go live at 1PM UK / 08:00 US EST time on the 24th November. 

Once this webinar has finished it will be available on-demand and available in our resources section of the site. 

We offer data centre audits as a service, so if you are looking to understand existing inventory and planned infrastructure, you can find out more here;


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