Free Webinar: How to baseline your physical IT infrastructure – 12th July 2018

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Planning and managing changes to data centres and equipment rooms isn’t easy if you don’t what is there and how devices connect.

This webinar will at how to avoid the unnecessary project delays and costs associated with repeated site surveys and multi-site auditing. Maintaining knowledge of the local physical infrastructure is vital for centralised planning, provisioning and operational management, but you need a baseline to start with. With this baseline you can maintain knowledge of local infrastructure through improved change processes, as well as simplifying and reducing workload on infrastructure teams. Undertaking a baseline project isn’t easy, but there are methods and practices we’ll be covering that reduce the pain and improve the accuracy of baseline audits.

David will be covering;

– Data centres
– Equipment rooms
– Networks
– Servers
– Data and power connectivity

This webinar is scheduled for July 12th at 13:00 UK time | 08:00 EDT

For more details and registration please click on the following link here


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