Webinar 10th August – The Financial Benefits of the AssetGen Infrastructure Documentation System

Our next webinar has SMS CEO David Cuthbertson covering the many benefits of implementing AssetGen within your working environment. Deploying the AssetGen system directly reduces engineer workload, change costs and auditing costs – through increased productivity and better team interfaces.  This webinar will focus on the ROI and other financial benefits which are achieved with the improved infrastructure documentation delivered by the AssetGen system. This webinar will be perfect for delegates who would like to understand how the AssetGen system delivers both short term and long term cost savings.

  • Identify opportunities for consolidation through improved visibility of infrastructure usage.
  • Prevent the duplication of audits often focused on different management information environments by getting it right first time.
  • Provide evidence easily for internal/external auditors who need to see audit trails and evidence of control
  • Increased productivity of staff by eliminating the effort required for producing, planning and operational documentation.
  • Enable troubleshooting and recovery to minimise downtime and breaches of SLA’s or contract conditions
  • Optimise team interfaces to reduce the costs and delivery times of projects
  • Reducing the effort to plan and mitigate risks, right sizing recovery and failover options

The webinar is scheduled for August 10th at 13:00 UK time 08:00 EDT. Registration for the webinar is free, with the live audience able to ask questions. It can be viewed afterwards if you are unable to attend.

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