Webinar Apr 30th – Data Centre Transformations, From Here to There Without Service Interruptions

Join David-Kenneth Group’s Kristofer Mathisen and Square Mile System’s David Cuthbertson as they present the details of DKGm, a tested and proven methodology for data center transformations without service interruptions 100% of the time. David-Kenneth Group are the leading US  independent data center migration specialist, focused on delivering the most complex type of IT projects – data center transformation. 

If transforming your data center by migration and consolidation without service interruptions is imperative, join this free session to learn about  DKGm processes, procedures, tools and technologies. DKGm has been proven by delivering transformation projects for many customer environments across the US.

This webinar is also part of the Brighttalk Data Centre Summit.

Timing: Thursday April 30th 2015 – 3pm UK, 10am US Eastern

To attend live, or view afterwards [click here]





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